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But she probably won’t reopen her colorful Holiday Rambler this spring because city officials want her to install a large-capacity water tank and grease trap as well as meet other restaurant and.

That installation, he said, will put the facility into the Category A requirements under city ordinance 4625. we would like to request a variance to replace our existing hydro-mechanical grease.

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In the bad old days: A new restaurant may have to contend with as many as 11 city agencies, often with conflicting requirements. "We still need to make sure the grease trap is in the right place.

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Sample grease interceptor designs: PDF or DWG Grease interceptors will need a plumbing and an SUDP review. In a restaurant or commercial kitchen, a change to the type of cuisine served, an increase in seating capacity, or a change in the cooking appliances could all have an impact on grease interceptor sizing.

The Pretreatment Program shall apply these grease trap sizing criteria in combination with its best professional judgment as a part of the approval process. In many cases this may mean that a larger grease trap may be required than the one specified by the sizing criteria. Under certain circumstances, a smaller grease trap may be approved.

Grease Interceptor Sizing and Installation Guidelines E-102 Grease protection is an essential element for restaurants, cafes, catering facilities, commissaries, hotels, cafeterias, convenience stores, full service grocery stores, schools, hospitals, and food manufacturing plants.

5812 Restaurants (grease trap pumping only for this permit) 2. This permit does not cover land disturbance activities. A land disturbance general permit must be obtained for coverage of land disturbance activities per the requirements set in MO-RA00000 and may be.

At tonight’s meeting, several Boy Scouts from Troop #145 are shadowing the Council to fulfill the requirements to earn their Citizenship Badge. Tonight’s agenda also includes a resolution appointing.

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section 890.510 grease Interceptor Requirements Plumbing systems for institutions or commercial establishments in which grease, fats, culinary oils or similar waste products from kitchens or food processing areas are wasted, or in which grease, fats or culinary oils are wasted in connection with utensil, vat, dish or floor cleaning processes shall include grease interceptors.

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