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 · If your kitchen sink smells more like sewer than rotten food, there might be a problem with its trap. A kitchen sink’s trap is the P’ or U’-shaped pipe directly beneath the sink basin. The trap’s job is to prevent sewer gas from drifting from the pipes back up into your house.

Have you noticed funky smells coming from underneath your kitchen sink? Maybe you’ve got a bathroom cabinet that seems to always have a musty smell? If you aren’t sure what’s going on underneath a sink, you’ll want to take the following steps to clear up that bad odor before things get out of control.

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He told the Standard he had had to live with the smell of sewage from under the kitchen floor for two years. But DGHP said a waste pipe became dislodged under the kitchen floor and some waste water,

If your kitchen sink has a stopper, close it once a week and fill the sink. Whenever your sink begins draining slowly or develops an odor, pour 1/2 cup of baking soda down the pipe and then add 1/2.

shower leak repair How to Fix a Leaky Shower Faucet – Fixing the shower faucet turn off the water valves if they are not already off. Remove the shower faucet. Replace the rubber gasket. Re-attach the shower faucet. Make sure the shower is no longer leaking.

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Yeah! We got our stinky smell under the kitchen sink resolved. My husband found a vent that replaced the vent we had which didn’t have a check valve in it to stop the sewer smell from coming in. It cost $20 from Menards. The vent is called Sure-Vent, Air Admittance Valve, mfg. by Oatey. Thanks for all your suggestions. Our kitchen smells great now.

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If you have a kitchen sink disposal unit that smells a little funny, here’s a quick and easy (and Free!) way to solve that problem yourself!